All On 4 FAQ’s

Ques 1. Can I really have new teeth in one day ?
Ans 1. This procedure will certainly change your life and takes only 1 day out of your busy life.


Ques 2. Who are the best candidates for All on 4
Ans 2. The ideal candidates for the Teeth in a Day, (All on Four or All on Six) procedure are those who are about to lose their teeth and those who are current denture wearers.


Ques 3. Where will I come for Treatment?
Ans 3. The Ballarat Implant Centre is based within Dentistry@Ballarat located at 212 Drummond street north. This is where we carry out 90% of our procedures. In some instances of more complex nature it may be necessary to bring the patient to Melbourne or Sydney were we can access more specialised services such as Maxillo facial surgeons or other “all on 4” surgeons with experience of complex cases.


Ques 4. I still have some teeth. Would they have to be removed ?
Ans 4. No, not necessarily. We would advise you accordingly at your Initial Consultation.


Ques 5. How long will the procedure take ?
Ans 5. The Surgery takes up to 2 hours under sedation (sleep dentistry) and you will receive a fixed set of teeth in one day.


Ques 6. I’ve been told in the past, that I’m not a candidate for a fixed bridge or implant due to bone loss. Am I a candidate for an implant with the All on Four procedure?
Ans 6. 80% of the patients who have been told they are not candidates for traditional implant options are candidates for this procedure. This procedure uses the frontal part of the jaw and in most cases it requires no bone grafting or sinus augmentation.


Ques 7. What makes this procedure different ?
Ans 7. Considering the fact that the frontal part of the jaw has the more dense bone, instead of the conventional method of placing the implant straight into the bone (which can require sinus lift and bone grafting) and minimum 6 to 9 months waiting time to heal, this technique differentiates by placing the back implants at an angle. Not only do you benefit from the dense bone in the frontal part of the jaw, but we can place a longer implant with a much less invasive procedure, without entering into the sinus cavity on the upper arch.


Ques 8. What types of food will I be able to eat with my new teeth ?
Ans 8. Having had little or no teeth and possibly an uncomfortable ill fitting bridge or plate, after treatment is completed you will be able to eat, bite and chew normally. It will be necessary to chew soft foods for the first 3 months following surgery until the implants have fully osseointegrated. We will be able to advise you on a suitable diet following surgery.


Ques 10. How much does it cost ?
Ans 10. At your Initial Consultation, you will be informed of the cost once we have carried out a full examination of your month. At this point Dr Johnston will be able to identify any possible complications and advise accordingly. This is still a high end dental procedure however the costs can be up to 50% less than a conventional implant approach.


Ques 11. How do I book my Initial Consultation?
Ans 11. It’s very simple. Call our reception team on 03 5364 9511 or fill in the form on this website.


Ques 12. Is there an on-site lab to produce my new teeth and immediately handle any required adjustments or repairs?
Ans 12. At the Ballarat Implant Centre we do not have our own in house Lab however on the day of surgery we bring one of the most experienced “all on 4” labs in Australia to our Centre. This Lab is called Omega and is based in Melbourne. Russell Young and Tom Friedman are 2 of Australias best and most experienced “all on 4” technicians with over 2000 cases completed between them.