The All On 4 Journey

Whilst procedures may vary for patient to patient, the following is an indication of the stages of treatment using All on 4™.

Stage 1

By attending an initial consultation at the Ballarat Implant Centre you can discuss with Dr Johnston your suitability for treatment and begin to understand what a difference the treatment could make to your life. You should ask as many questions that you can.

Stage 2

Following your initial consultation you can expect to undergo a CT scan and diagnostics so that Dr Johnston can prepare a highly accurate and predictable digital 3D image of the whole procedure including virtual implant placement. If you are a candidate for All-on-4™ then you should expect to be provided with a detailed treatment plan, including all costs.

Stage 3

Once you have consented to treatment you will then attend your first appointment where the jawbone is prepared by Dr Johnston according to the All-on-4™ technique. A minimum of four dental implants will be inserted with the implants at the back of your jawbone placed at an angle.

Stage 4

After surgery is finished Dr Johnston will take an Impression of your newly placed implants which will then be used by our visiting “all on 4” lab team from Melbourne Omega to start constructing your new teeth. While your teeth are being made you will be given the time you need to rest in a relaxation area. One the same day the teeth are made and fitted so that within only a few hours you will be able to go home with a new smile*.

Stage 5

Once your dental implants are fully integrated into your jaw, after approximately three to six months, your final fixed bridge will be fitted by Dr Johnston.