Multiple Implants

Implant Bridges replace the support lost as a result of multiple missing teeth, they avoid the need to drill adjacent teeth, and do not require an implant for every missing tooth.

Implants are placed in strategic positions to replace the missing teeth. When the implants are stable and ready for loading, abutments can be attached to the implants that will connect the final bridge (prosthesis) to the implants.

An implant bridge is not susceptible to cavities but may develop complications if oral hygiene is not maintained.

This implant restoration should be routinely evaluated – the time interval dependent upon the conditions of the remaining natural teeth and the implant bridge. Restorations using porcelain may be susceptible to a low incidence of porcelain fracture.

Patients with large functional forces, including bruxism are more susceptible to these problems.

Dr Johnston will be able to indicate to you if he thinks this might be a problem and advise what can be done to reduce the risks.

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