How advancement in technology has helped create 21st century dentures

Just recently over lunch I was having a chat to my partner  Dr Ian Harper about how much dentistry has changed since we graduated 25 years ago and it is all mainly due to advancement in technology.

He recalled a story about an Uncle who was a minister in the Anglican church and on the day he qualified as a dentist he took him aside and told him that his greatest fear in life was standing beside the graveside giving an oration and the dentures flying out of his mouth to land with a rattle on the lid of the coffin. He then asked me if dentists had come up with anything that could be used to fix false teeth permanently into the mouth.  This was the year 1988 and all he could say at that time was, no, there was nothing really good.

Dental Implants in 1988 were still in their relative infancy but the seeds had been planted and now 25 years later the answer to Ian’s Uncles dream has become a reality……….today we can predictably place fully fixed dentures into patients mouths with great predictability and success, allowing us to remove all associated problems and fears that somebody like Ian’s Uncle had no choice but to accept. Now for the first time in history we can almost lay claim to being able to provide a third set of fixed teeth.

There is no need any longer to have to put up with 19th century dentures we truly have a 21st century denture solution and all because of advances in dental technology…………where to in the 22nd century ???

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