How dental implants help stop us looking old

Bone, Teeth, Dentures and Growing old
What have all these got in common you might ask?
Well the type of bone that our upper and lower Jaws consist mainly of is known as Alveolar bone. This alveolar bone is the bone that supports our teeth. Did you know however that alveolar bone and teeth go together rather like Love and marriage or a horse and carriage and as the saying in the song goes…… can have one without the other!!
In fact if a baby is born without any developing teeth then they will never develop any alveolar bone only basal bone will develop which is the foundation bone of our jaws.
This also works the other way round and as we grow older and we lose all our teeth either by gum disease or dental decay the alveolar bone will slowly disappear. The more teeth you lose the more bone you will lose. The downside of this besides the fact that eating gets harder it also causes us to lose facial structure and support and the face will begin to sink and we all start to look older.
Replacing these lost teeth with dentures as an alternative helps but only for a while because unfortunately dentures tend to pound the alveolar bone with so much force that the bone over time just simply melts away. This is why dentures become loose and need to be constantly relined and held in place with various adhesives.
Nature has designed the structure of a tooth and alveolar bone in such a way that the force teeth exert on the bone is just the right amount to maintain bone. Alveolar bone needs to be stimulated to be maintained – too much force (like dentures exert) causes bone loss and too little force (when a tooth is not replaced with anything) also results in bone loss in the same way our muscles wither away if we do not use them.
So what can we do you might ask to stop the loss of bone if we are unfortunate enough to lose our teeth. The answer is the lost teeth should be replaced with dental implants as they have the ability to stimulate the bone in much the same way as natural teeth with just the right amount of force and prevent the loss of bone.
So if you have lost some teeth or all of your teeth and do not yet consider yourself old then you should find out now about replacing your missing teeth with dental implants and not only help yourself chew and enjoy a better lifestyle but also help keep yourself looking young…….and what can be bad about that???!!!

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